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ex animo in aeturnum

respice post te, mortalem te esse memento

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Welkommen <3

Hey there. :D

Welcome to exanim0, From The Heart, a Latin-themed fiction community for the general public (i.e. you LJ users, yo). The purpose of this community is to provide Latin phrases and quotes to help fuel and encourage the compositiong of fiction and art, be it original or fan-related.

Why Latin, you may ask. The answer is silly simple, really. hanae0711, the brainchild of exanim0, has this secret Latin-fetish and thinks that its ties-in with religion and the fact that it's one of the oldest languages in the world gives it a romantic aspect.

If you were wondering, Ex Animo means From The Heart or Sincerely. Ex animo in aeturnum means From the heart/sincerely for eternity and 'Respice post te, mortalem te esse memento' means 'Look around you, remember that you are mortal', a quote by Tertullianus.

Sets & Themes

Sets and themes are accumulated and compiled in this post.

You may claim as many as 5 pairings/characters at one go, and you may choose whichever set provided.

Community Rules
(Or: Why it pays to be nice)

1. Be nice. It hurts no one and it will definitely make the world (and this community) a better place. Karma is a terrible thing. If you have a problem with anything, the mods are here to help. We don't bite. Unless we have to. XD

2. This is sort of obvious but please do not liek type LieK tHiS yO. Everyone wants to be understood. Use proper English.

3. Please proofread your work. If you do not have a beta, at least run it through a spellcheck.

4. There will be absolutely be NO character or pairing bashing. If you don't like a certain character or a pairing, then don't read the fic. We all have choices. Use them.

5. Constructive criticism is fine. Flaming is not. It doesn't get any simpler.

6. We like manpron. That means Yaoi/Slash. Don't be surprised. For now, most scandalous topics are okay with us (including incest, etc.)

7. ALL fics and art should be placed under an lj-cut. If you don't know how to use it, the LJ FAQ is your friend. You can link or fake-cut to your own journal should you decide not to post your work under a community entry itself (or if it is too big for LJ standards).

Claim Rules

1. First and foremost, only one pairing/character can be claimed for each set at any given time, yo. In example, you may choose to claim character A for somnium únus and for somnium duo, simultaneously. Once you have finished your claim, it is free to be picked up by others. This means that a particular character or pairing can be claimed over and over again.

2. Please check The Claims Post to make your claim and to make sure that it hasn't already been taken up. You may make your claim here.

3. Claims can be made for characters from existing fandoms, or even original works. We accept fiction as well as art. We are awesome, yo.

4. We have a heading rule, too, surprise surprise.

Header Template
Author: (Or Artist: if it's art.)
Theme Set: (somnium duo, somnium tres, etc.)
Theme: (Please list it exactly as shown, so it should look like: "02. Facta, Non Verba", if that's what you chose.)
Notes: (Your notes on writing/drawing or general info (inclusive of warnings and spoilers) regarding your composition)
Rating: (Please use MPAA rating, e.g. PG13, R, NC-17)

5. Yes, there is a claim limit. 5's the number you can claim at any one time; stick to it, yo. :3

6. Once you've completed your claim, please drop a comment at the Aedicula Sidereus.

7. Please tag your posts. Once we have accepted your claim, we will provide you with your unique tag in the case you wish to make more than one claim. (E.g. hanae0711 has claimed Cloud/Leon... tag: hanae0711 - a)

8. We do not have a time limit for claims, however, completing one piece a month would be wonderful. Please note that, during special events (such as Christmas, autumn, Valentine's Day etc.) we may introduce a special seasonal theme that imposes a time limit.

9. If your piece has spoilers of any sort, please place a spoiler warning in the Notes section of the header.

10. Can't finish your claim, or can't handle all the work? It's not nice to hog that particular character or pairing to yourself, you know? You can drop your claim(s) here.

11. Questions? Ask away here! Or if you're bored, you can spam this post, yo.

The Godly Mods

hanae0711 - Userinfo & Sets Ninjaaaaa Master
zeovez - Completed Posts Pirate With Goldz Skelzton Earrings
warcraft - Claims & Support Magickz Caster Person!